[HOT] Norwegian mapathon - calling out for validators

Anders Anker-Rasch anders at anker-rasch.no
Fri Jan 16 09:02:32 UTC 2015

Dear all, 

I'm hosting a mapathon for members of Engineers Without
Borders at my employers premises on the 20 of january, starting 1700 CET. 

Most of the members have participated in a briefing of the concept
and ideas behind OSM, but the majority are completely fresh when it comes
to mapping. However, they are motivated and know their way around technical
software of all kinds, so I'm positive this will work out well. I will
start with the basics of creating OSM-accounts and installing JOSM/using
ID, so I expect the first tasks to be finished by roughly 1830 CET. 

need help with validating the tasks as they finish. If you could spare a
couple minutes helping with this, it would be greatly appreciated as we
need our new mappers :-) 

The task and instructions:


Please, being that most of them are
new to OSM and this work, could you add comments on each task when
validating, tagging with their username so they get some sort of feedback.
IMHO vital to get them on the right track. 

I'm at SKYPE during the event
if you want to get a hold of me. (Or email / FB for that matter.)  


best regards
Anders Anker-Rasch
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