[HOT] Mapping Northern Nigeria ?

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Hi Pierre, I definetly agree that it needs to evaluate if it's pertinent and the security to map damages. So I was focusing on basic mapping (residential and ways) in the time I have available. Also many refugees may have fleed to around. All that region around still needs basic mapping, many, many human settlements and their accesses in the images. Thanks, Regards, Sérgio

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Hi Sergio
 of HOT is to make the Basemap and support the humanitarian 
organizations that operate in the various countries. We occasionnally 
did some Damage evaluation, but need more thought about the Tagging 
 BaseMap is our priority, there might be some emergencies where we are 
asked to collaborate to Damage evaluation. For every of these events, we
 have to discuss among us and carefully evaluate if it pertinent to do 

 For our community to participate to damage evaluation in arm conflicts 
might be problematic both for the security of the humanitarians in the 
field and for our relations between the humanitarian organizations that 
operate in the field. These actions have to be evaluated very carefully..
Methodology is a distinct aspect and I will open a ticket to discuss about it. As it was discussed while we started the Haiyan Activation, 
we had to operate quickly in the emergency and established a temporary schema to be revised later.
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