[HOT] Mapping Northern Nigeria ?

Michael Heißmeier michael63 at digital-filestore.de
Sat Jan 17 15:30:15 UTC 2015

Hello Sérgio,

> It's not hard to find those devasted areas and buildings by comparing the 
> images in OSM with recent publicly released satellite images. Guess it would 
> be a great help for humanitarian efforts related to destruction and population 
> displaced (I think also on tasks of Gaza, tsunamis, earthquakes and similars 
> situations).
> In what Kevin Bullock said, is it confirmed that such satellite images of 
> devastation from Digital Globe released on newspapers, like by Amnesty 
> (https://adam.amnesty.org/asset-bank/action/search?attribute_603=Nigeria+Satellite+Images+January+2015), 
> are free to use to map on OSM by "manual" comparision?

if you look at the images provided in the link from your mail and select "View 
Details" then you can read the agreement that these images were specifically 
licensed to amnesty international for their press release. This means that we 
cannot use them.

> By the way, to represent reality and help the efforts of identification by 
> people using the map, what about if OSM renderize buildings tagged 
> "demolished=yes" to represent better that they actualy are demolished, perhaps 
> with only outline, or dotted, not shaded? (Anyway, remarking they are 
> different from standing buldings).

I recall that such tagging schemes were applied for the typhoon mapping in the 
Philippines, see e.g. the instructions of http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/392, I 
am not sure if the damage tag has been approved as a general tagging style though.

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