[HOT] Waterway Tags

Iván Sánchez Ortega ivan at mazemap.no
Thu Jan 22 08:50:58 UTC 2015

El Jueves 22. enero 2015 01.18.52 Blake Girardot escribió:
> As to the tagging suggestion, Ralph, I _think_ the current best practice
> is to tag an intermittent stream or river like this:
> waterway=river (or stream)
> intermittent=yes
> or
> seasonal=yes

I think we should follow the example of the "abandoned:" namespace, as in 
http://wiki.osm.org/wiki/Key:abandoned , and use something like:


This instantly solves the problem of roads that can be driven only on dry 


And solves the semantics problem of which aspects of the feature are seasonal 
and which are not (e.g. the name of a waterway or road doesn't change through 

As this has already been done to abandoned and disused features, I guess that 
all the data conversion tools are ready for something like it.

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