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I think it depends which range of off line devices you're thinking of.
OSMAND would seem a natural fit for Android devices you might need to
download the relevant bits off OSM, there are ways to do this from the
planet file which others can detail.  Quite a number of HOT clients are
familiar with OSMAND.

Once you have the OSM file you'd probably want to merge in the other
information you have then create a .obf file for OSMAND.  I'd hesitate to
depend on OSM for the pharmacy locations etc only because these can be
modified by anyone.  However if you do a TRA (Threat Risk Analysis) you may
decide the benefits of a simpler process plus the range of export options
from OSM out weigh the minor risk.  I think there are ways to tag certain
things and put a watch on them to make sure they remain untouched. It would
certainly simplify matters.

Yes having your own software would be nice but weighed against training
costs and support costs I'd go OSMAND which is already in use in many of
these areas.  They have already solved the file size problems and its
available in many languages adding more is a fairly minor matter.

Cheerio John

On 9 July 2015 at 11:50, Tyler Radford <tyler.radford at hotosm.org> wrote:

> Dear Paulo,
> Thanks very much for reaching out - I'm re-sending your message below to
> our community (hot at openstreetmap.org) for advice and options.
> Best
> Tyler
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> From: Cabral, Paulo <paulo.cabral at itu.int>
> Date: Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 3:55 AM
> Subject: [info-hotosm] Tiles download request
> To: "info at hotosm.org" <info at hotosm.org>
>  Dear Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team,
> Congratulations on your tile layer, it is both beautiful and highly
> functional.
> Allow me to present myself, Paulo Cabral, Head of the IT Support Division
> of the Telecommunications Development Bureau within the ITU. The
> International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the United Nations
> specialized agency on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).
> Currently, we are working on a project in collaboration with the
> governments of several countries (Caribbean region, parts of Africa,
> Pacific Islands) for raising awareness on Chikungunya and Dengue Viruses.
> One section of the mobile application that is part of the project will will
> include an interactive map with various markers (hospitals, pharmacies,
> specialized treatment centers, etc). For this map, we wish to use your
> Humanitarian map layer, with the proper accreditation of course.
> One of the most important features of the mobile application, given the
> parts of the world this app will be used in, is that it should work fully
> offline. This means having the map downloaded onto the phone device during
> installation. We are using various techniques for minimizing the total size
> of the map, such as providing the map only for the region/country in
> question, zooming in jumps of 3 zoom levels.
> We would be most grateful if you could provide us with a zip/rar of the
> complete map layer such that we can extract the various tiles needed.
> Please let me know if this is possible or if there is an existing location
> where the entire set can be downloaded without downloading tiles one by one.
> With many thanks and bets regards,
> Paulo
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