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And I didn’t quite finish my thought – the training will be eventually ‘passed-off’ to the TWG(s) ;) for ‘perpetual’ maintenance to accommodate changes in tools, etc. – the protocol should, once adopted after future reviewing/editing/passing back to the AWG/etc. (in my opinion) will be ‘adopted policy’ and will need amended/rescinded/etc. in order to change – hence, much of the ‘broad/general language’



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Pretty cool to see this. This document has captured a ton of knowledge in a digestible format.


Look forward to seeing the graphics, that will really bring this together. There are also places where the phrasing can be tightened up a bit; sorry don't have time to edit myself, but someone with an eye for that might be a help with a quick review.


Only question I have is what happens after adoption. Is there a set schedule in place to review the protocol and make updates? For instance, I'm sure some of the tools we use will evolve and change in time.


Thanks again for yours and everyone's work on this, great progress for HOT.



At Jul 13, 2015, 9:42:55 PM, Russell Deffner wrote:

Hello HOT community,

There has been a tremendous collaboration to create the draft Activation Protocol; a great thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. On behalf of Tyler, Mhairi and myself; we welcome you to make one more review of the content this week before we ‘take-it-offline’ for print-editing (with a huge advanced thank you to Katja for helping us with that).

With that said, please be advised that all the figures/tables/etc. are my sketch-up and should not be considered final/good/etc – just a sketch of what the final product will contain.

The draft document can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qefHRE3_wUyG3lMSb7NlkSDtPuQeaQXsflkxt3E3xSA or via the HOT Drive.

Thank you,


Russell Deffner

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