[HOT] paths, tracks and unclassified in West Africa

Eric Sibert courrier at eric.sibert.fr
Wed Jul 15 10:40:22 UTC 2015

I'm jumping late in the discussion.

I will talk about my experience in Madagascar, which is not West  
Africa but more East Africa/Indian Ocean.

Lets consider Namoroka National Park area:

This a back country area with few population (5 hab./kmĀ²). All roads  
are unpaved.

I use tertiary for the main road that give access to the main town of  
"commune" although such road may only be used with 4WD cars. For  
In dry season, there should be a taxi-brousse on a daily basis.

I use unclassified for roads that frequently see motor vehicles.  
Frequently can means on a weekly basis with trucks or tractors  
collecting agricultural products. Between Vilanandro and Bekomanga  
(North), there is also a significant cattle car traffic (>10 per day).

In opposite, the road following the North-East limit of the park  
usually don't see motor vehicle but just several cattle cars per day.  
Although it is joining a significant village (Vilanandro) to a  
significant hamlet (Namoroka, 20 huts?), I classified it as track. One  
may think that this is an important road because this is the only one  
that is going to Namoroka. Indeed, most a people are going by foot and  
use other path instead of the track.

If you want more details, don't hesitate to ask. I may also have a  
bunch of geolocalized pictures.


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