[HOT] GIS Student Mapping Tips & Open Sharing

Marynia Kolak marynia.kolak at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 18:19:52 UTC 2015

After going through training materials and reading through previous HOT
threads in this mailing list, I'm excited to work with a few especially
mapping-savvy students at ASU for a HOT mapathon. First, I just want to
make sure we hit the most essential points and lessons learned from what
I've gathered:

   - Complete essential OSM introductions and training first
   - Make sure you watch HOT-specific trainings and tutorials
   - Keep to "beginner" tasks in the manager, no matter one's formal GIS

The GIS and urban planning students involved will have chosen HOT mapping
as their final projects for an advanced GIS course, and are going to not
only digitize the maps, but also investigate some aspect of OSM/HOT mapping
more fully. (Lit reviews and synthesis on some additional topics, like:
 crowdsourcing spatial data and challenges; developing routes with Open
Street Map data; open source GIS versus proprietary standards in nonprofit
work; visualizing HOT data in a dynamic map; and so forth.)

So I guess my next questions, after making sure we are helpful versus
harmful or annoying to experienced HOT users, is:

   - Would it be helpful to share results of student findings with the
   community, in the spirit of being open and transparent? Is the best way to
   do that to post something and link here?
   - Are there better ways to connect with HOT/OSM during the mapathon
   itself, also fostering community? :)

The "mapathon" will be online/remote as the students will be working from
different locations. We'll use a twitter handle or something like that and
a Hangout to connect. And for now we're going to look for a task in the
manager that's high priority enough, and has at least 10 tiles to work on
between the students (likely the landslides).

Any notes would be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to integrating

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