[HOT] Collapsible tree visualisation of the OSM stack

Rod Bera rod at goarem.org
Thu Jul 23 08:48:38 UTC 2015

Hi Christophe,

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On 22/07/15 22:21, Christophe Rodier wrote:
> Hello,
> I've built something that I think/hope could be useful when HOT and/or 
> Missing Maps do a little intro about what OSM is during their workshops.
> It's a collapsible tree visualisation of the OpenStreetMap stack to 
> present the components "OSM world".
> You can find it here <http://threefiftythree.com/osmtree/index.html>:
> http://threefiftythree.com/osmtree/index.html
> and the code is on GiHub: <http://bit.ly/1dP7gcL>
> http://bit.ly/1dP7gcL
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> It's made with D3 and json. For now it's only in English, but I'm 
> hoping some people will volunteer to translate it in more languages.
simple and intuitive, nice to use. An asset for education and training 
in OSM thanks to the easy and contextualised access to data.

Internationalisation: are you planning to use transifex, or carry on 
with github?

How is the graph maintained/updated ? e.g. if the community change/add 
new features, will it be updated automatically? do you need to trigger a 
somehow automated update process? Or do you have to do it manually, like 
adding a record in a file?

> Hope you'll find it useful.
I do and I might well use it in my teaching. I suppose the license is 

Thank you for this tool!


> Chris
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