[HOT] Collapsible tree visualisation of the OSM stack

Christophe Rodier christophe.rodier at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 14:43:56 UTC 2015

Hi Rod,

Was planning on continuing to use github. Haven't use transifex before, not
sure the volume of usage would justify using it, and it seems to be

It is updated manually. When there is something new I learn about and I
think should be in there or when someone suggest something, I add an entry
to the json file, upload that and the tree integrates it automatically. So
the only thing that needs to be maintained is the json file.

I had thought about building something that would go through the osm wiki,
parse that, build a json file on the fly so the tree is always
automatically up to date and is a "pure" mirror of the wiki but:
1) it's beyond my current coding capabilities...
2) (and most importantly) I'm not sure that's feasible in a way that
wouldn't be confusing. It would render into a tree with hundreds (or more)
of nodes which I think would be harder to use and understand.

License is cc-by-sa indeed. Feel free to use it and modify it if you want.
Feedback, comments, suggestions, critiques and of course contribution are
more than welcome.


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