[HOT] OSMCompare Before / After map

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Tue Jun 2 13:50:35 UTC 2015

Ah yeah. The "before" server is a bit broken:

(on my fadey version too)

The "before" server is actually "FOSM" the server set-up by the license change denying folks. It's quite comical that their server is very useful as a way of viewing an out-of-date state of OpenStreetMap. In theory the other problem with relying on them, is that somebody might update the FOSM data, but that doesn't seem to have been much of a problem for us!  Anyway I see they had a disk blow out, but they're hoping to be back up again soon: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/osm-fork/JLj5qaUwddI


From: Pierre BĂ©land <pierzenh at yahoo.fr>
To: HOT Openstreetmap <hot at openstreetmap.org> 
Sent: Tuesday, 2 June 2015, 11:53
Subject: [HOT] OSMCompare Before / After map

Various groups are using my OSMCompare Before / After map to show progress of the mapping. People are reporting today problems using the map.

The Before layer corresponds to an old version of OSM back in 2012.  But we experience some instability for the access to this layer.

The best solution would be that somebody in OSM can provide a Before layer with more recent data, plus on a more stable server.

Could somebody suggest a solution for this?


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