[HOT] Customizable OSM editor

Thomas Tolloschek cadderly at lumpaczik.org
Sun Jun 7 13:00:58 UTC 2015

Hi Stefan,

> I like the idea too and would like also point to JOSM which can be
> configured with specific presets, like the one mentioned currently
> here [1].

The basic idea not to use JOSM is that as much work as possible should
be taken from the new users. Like TomNod. Is easy simple and everybody
without much knowledge can use it.
And it should be automatically configured by selecting the editor from
the HOT Taskmanager.
maybe with an url similar to this http://xxx.com?editor=yy&bbox=zz&task=1018
More experienced or interested users will switch automatically to
better, more flexible editors like JOSM with all its advantages.

> iD would be even easier to use, but I think its preset can't be
> changed like in JOSM (right, Tom?).

To be honest even if I have a idea in my back i dont want to invent the
wheel anew :)
So if its possible to provide dynamic config files out of a database i
would be happy. The only an administration interface for the database
and a script which serves the config to the editor will be needed.

> But before releasing such an editor and HOT preset files, pls.
> 1. discuss and define common tags needed by HOT and eventually
> specific to HOT, and
> 2. help cleanup and update the outdated wiki pages, starting with this
> HOT wiki homepage [1]?
> See also the thread on this list about my "Request for information
> about common set of tags for HOT (Was: OSM Nepal Reponse - Links to
> various infos)"

I was allready reading this thred but i had no access to my mailaccounts
(Yes this still can happen ;)) for the last two weeks :)

I totally aggree with you that a common set of HOT Tags is definitely a
prerequisit for a project like this. Without a "newbie" editor is not

Kind regards Thomas

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