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Thanks Blake, and Hello Dan!

Another resource for getting a quick view of the working groups (and an initial look at the participants - we just launched these enhancements recently, so not everyone has had a chance to participate); is: http://hotosm.org/working-groups 


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Hi Dan,

Glad you are here!

You are encouraged to join any of them you think would be interesting 
and rewarding for you, they all need additional members.

Feel free to drop in on any of the meetings and introduce yourself and 
see how they go and if you think you can find an enjoyable way to 

This is a calendar of WG meeting days and times:

And this is a list of the working groups:


On 6/11/2015 5:12 PM, Dan Culli wrote:
> Hello all,
> Just curious if there are any specific HOT working groups that are
> looking for or needing more participants at the moment.  It looks like I
> may be able to join any of them, but if there are any actively looking
> for members/contributors, please let me know.
> While I've been aware of OSM/HOT for some time, I'm new to actually
> participating in the mapping efforts and would be interested in some
> deeper involvement in the efforts.  I've got quite a bit of
> geospatial/GIS related experience, much of which has been in a govt.
> setting, so I'm familiar with participating in groups similar to the HOT
> working groups, e.g. data policy, governance, training, etc.
> Thanks,
> Dan
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