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What would really help us in this discussion is a few examples each of
the various kinds of addresses.  If you could provide us with the full
text for a few addresses (all the way out to the country level), and a
description of what they mean (if that is not obvious from the address
itself), then we could give you better feedback.  OSM already supports
a great many address formats from around the world, so it is likely
there are already others similar to these ones you describe.

My guess is that you are going to want to put all of the information
in tags like addr:block, address:neighbourhood, address:housenumber,
and address:housename as the various ones.  For local Chief's houses
and things like that, the idea of the amenity=townhall tag has been
proposed as well, but I think this is maybe not the best tag.  In any
case, these things have been considered somewhat and would greatly
benefit from a better local understanding of the context surrounding
these terms and the social significance of these places.  We
understand what tagging exists in OSM but we know little about how
people who live in these places actually find their way around and use
the address system they have.  Without this understanding it is
difficult to say which of the addressing schemes makes the most sense.

- -AndrewBuck

On 06/11/2015 04:03 PM, Rupert Allan wrote:
> Hi All, I'm Rupert, and I work with MSF as Field Mapping
> Coordinator. In March and April Kieran O'Sullivan and I worked on a
> Missing Maps project in the Epworth, Harare, Zimbabwe, where MSF
> are struggling to trace patients in order to deliver repeated
> treatment and follow-up for HIV, MDRTB (Multi-Drug Resistant TB).
> This is crucial in the epidemiological struggle (HIV at 15%), but
> also Epworth is an extremely vulnerable community, and our new OSM
> community there now hold the key to Epworth's self-representation
> and its accessibility to Humanitarian logistical efforts, in a
> place where sanitation is a geological nightmare, mobility is
> perenial, and housing consistently disappears in man-made and 
> natural disasters.
> We discovered that the population was up to five times its official
> count, so we split the 840 field papers into NE, SE, SW, and NW
> quarters so that Field Papers software could deal with it. Now we
> have a few hundred papers coming in ready to input, and many more
> on the way, although hampered by WiFi and hardware access. In
> different parts of Epworth, address formats differ from others, so
> it involves careful thought about how to deploy keys/values. I
> mention in the Wiki <cid:part1.01020905.03010509 at rupertallan.com>,
> that this has evolved a degree of protection and 'anonymity' for
> the unofficial majority there. Ethics are key, as they need to be
> protected from certain factors and protected BY other factors (i.e.
> their visibility to the world as a community). So its an important
> project, considering where they are in history right now.
> The main issue is to input and tag 'block' boundaries, and figure
> out which administrative level to tag them on. It would be great to
> discuss and agree a bit with experienced JOSMers. The addresses
> depend on numbers, names and qualifiers of small 6-10 house areas,
> often with a community leader as the most definitive 'name' value. 
> Somebody mentioned the 'Hamlet' tag. Cells are used in some
> addresses, but not others. The field papers are informative, but
> the addresses are defined differently in different parts of
> Epworth. This serves to protect communities. It's all very
> interesting...
> I am still learning JOSM, but maybe they fit into a
> 'multiple-choice' style of categorising. Almost all have numbers,
> but an address could be identical to another, except in a different
> ward, so miles away, or in a different 'block', or might hint
> obliquely to status as 'unofficial'. The numbers, by the way, are 
> non-sequential/randomised. But it could all be cascade-searched
> with the right OSM keys/admin level or tag.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks, Rupert
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