[HOT] Epworth Field Papers - The Zimbabwe Connection. Advice on JOSM categorisation.

Rupert Allan mail at rupertallan.com
Thu Jun 25 10:07:11 UTC 2015

Thank you for all your help on JOSM categorisation, and the complexities 
of local consent. This has been a very important discussion to have, 
because of the nature of the situation in Harare.

The next set of field papers are on their way from from the field, and 
so we need to try and finish the ones we have in readiness.
If anyone has a spare hour or two, please visit the wiki:

  - and complete the inputting of any field papers you can.

There are images to drag and drop into your JOSM window, to help with 
identifying breholes, but also providing context for life on the ground.

We are trying to supply second-hand laptops to Epworth, so if anyone 
knows of somebody travelling towards Zimbabwe for work or holiday, 
please let us know here at MSF.
Oh, and the team in Zimbabwe have finally secured some form of WiFi in 
the project, which is great news, which can allow ongoing 
tuition/support for inputting in the field.

Thanks again everyone,


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