[HOT] [OSM-talk] Fwd: About " openstreetmap " Name Conflict

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Tue Jun 23 16:18:59 UTC 2015

On 23/06/15 16:43, john whelan wrote:
> It should probably be dealt with here.
> Cheerio John
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> From: *mark* <mark at ipr-china.net <mailto:mark at ipr-china.net>>
> Date: 23 June 2015 at 07:27
> Subject: [HOT] About " openstreetmap " Name Conflict
> To:
> (Please forward this to your CEO or President, because this is urgent.
> Thank you.)
> Dear President & CEO,
> This email is from China Intellectual Property Office, which mainly deal
> with trademark and domain name registration internationally. We received
> an application from RFZJ Industries Ltd on June 23,2015. They want to
> register "openstreetmap" as their Trademark in China,Hong Kong,Taiwan
> and some Domain(.asia/.cn/.com.cn/.hk/.com.hk/.tw/.com.tw
> <http://com.cn/.hk/.com.hk/.tw/.com.tw>).
> We checked and found the keyword is your company's registered trademark.
> But have not registered in China,Hong Kong,Taiwan. So we inform you to
> confirm whether this registration will affect and conflict your company.
> If this registration will not affect and conflict your company, then we
> can finish registering for them as per our duty. If this registration
> will affect and conflict your company. Please contact us by telephone or
> email within 10 workdays, so we can better handle the issue.

I've had a couple of these relating to my own company names and I simply
replied that the business was not authorised by me to use the names and
if they traded using them they would be in violation of my copyright. I
did not hear any more about the matter, and nothing was registered as
far as I can see. I think this just needs the same sort of letter from
someone, but in this case several international bodies can object to the
trademarking of what is an international open source project?

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