[HOT] Introducing myself to OSM world

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Wed Jun 24 01:26:05 UTC 2015

this is great Blake 

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On 6/24/2015 12:12 AM, Pierre Béland wrote:

> The Replace Geometry functionality in  JOSM can be used to redraw
> rapidly the buildings. Adding instructions in the Task Manager, it
> should be easy for the contributors to follow the workflow using the
> Replace Geometry. I did a rapid test, moving the building aside,
> re-tracing it and then selecting the Replace Geometry to update it's
> geometry. It works fine.  Revising highways should be easier.

After Andrew showed me how to use Replace Geometry, I use it quite often 


I made a _very_ informal instructional video on how I use Replace Geometry:

https://youtu.be/Kv5AOmX8M9g (7 mins long)


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