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hello Alfred,

I am happy to hear there are more people om the ground in Sierra Leone
working with OSM.
I am a newbie in the field, but just spent a few months in America and was
able to join the HOT summit. My boyfriend is originally from Sierra Leone
(now living in the US), so I feel connected to this country. I met several
people who were involved with mapping West Africa, and we started talking
about some ideas: involving the diaspora in the US to add 'local
information' to the maps is one of them, and how to add the names of
villages on the map through the use of people on the ground on motorbikes.
It might be good to stay connected, so when needed, whe can join forces in
mapping Salone.
I am living in the Netherlands, by the way.

best regards,

2015-06-24 0:12 GMT+02:00 Pierre Béland <pierzenh at yahoo.fr>:

> Hi Alfred,
> Andrew and I did coordinate the Activation and passed some time around all
> of this area.  We did everything possible working remotely to make the map.
> But there are limits to our mapping contribution. We cannot add local
> infos.
> This is a great opportunity to have somebody like you and other people
> from the local community to complete the map adding POI and address names.
> We will be pleased to support your community. And as you saw working on
> Skype with Andrew, there are interesting ways to support at distance.
> There was already some mapping done for Bo last year before the
> international community contributed to complete the coverage of Bo.
> I agree with you Andrew, the building outlines are quite sketchy. It would
> be easy to erase / redraw. But I think that it is important to keep history
> of the work done  before by local mappers. We should then avoid to erase /
> redraw the buildings.
> We can prepare Task Manager Jobs to have the collaboration of the HOT-OSM
> community to revise the geometry of buildings and roads.
> The Replace Geometry functionality in  JOSM can be used to redraw rapidly
> the buildings. Adding instructions in the Task Manager, it should be easy
> for the contributors to follow the workflow using the Replace Geometry. I
> did a rapid test, moving the building aside, re-tracing it and then
> selecting the Replace Geometry to update it's geometry. It works fine.
> Revising highways should be easier.
> For the Field work, we can provide you some learning material and support
> you in the first steps to update the map.
> regard
> Pierre
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> Thank you Alfred for introducing yourself to the mailing list and for
> your interest in joining our community.  Just to let everyone know,
> Alfred and I spoke via skype last week and discussed his mapping of
> the town of Bo. He has contributed hundreds of POI names and addresses
> for the town already and is interested in further collaborating with
> HOT in order to more effectively map the town.  I suggested that he
> post a message here to introduce himself and join the list so we could
> discuss with the broader group how best to move forward in finishing
> the map of the town.
> As it currently stands, the town of Bo has most of the buildings
> mapped (although they were apparently mapped from old imagery) as well
> as most of the roads.  This means the additional tracing work by our
> remote volunteers could contribute is somewhat limited, but not
> completely impossible to make further contributions.  For example, the
> imagery the buildings were traced from was mis-aligned according to
> bing/gps traces in the area and also the building shapes are not quite
> perfect.
> This situation means the mapping is a bit trickier than just working
> from a blank slate, however I think it is an interesting opportunity
> to test our skills on a more complete town as well as working out a
> good workflow for integrating remote and on the ground mapping and
> trying to find better ways of doing both.
> I encourage others who are experienced mappers to have a look at the
> town, how it is mapped so far, and to think about how we might move
> forward from this point.  Alfred is interested in doing more ground
> surveys with his team, so I think we can have a really interesting mix
> of local and remote participation and this could be a really good test
> case for more detailed mapping.
> I look forward to hearing what others on the list think about this
> project and am excited to see how this will progress.
> - -AndrewBuck
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