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Michael HeiƟmeier michael63 at digital-filestore.de
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Hi all,

john whelan schrieb am 28.06.2015 um 15:00:
> The problem with email addresses are that when Nepal started up we had several 
> thousand new mappers in the first few days, if even 5% contacted the email 
> address the person gets swamped and burns out.

I agree that any direct interaction outside a mapathon venue sounds problematic. 
Even if we had a dedicated irc channel then I imagine several people asking 
questions at the same time and a few validators trying to sort that out and 
answer simultaneously...
Not to forget that if such an option were offered then such a channel would have 
to be supervised at specified hours. Would require a roster for validators.

> Maperthons, 1093 and 1094 I did quite a bit of validation on these, much of 
> the initial mapping was done in Maperthons and the quality was uneven.
While validating for projects 831, 833 and 1094 I contacted those contributors 
who made systematic errors, I did so either from the comment field in the 
tasking manager or through the OSM message system when I felt a longer 
explanation possibly with a few images was required. A fraction of them 
responded and those who did were grateful for my comments. As I expected, the 
quality of their mapping was directly correlated to their experience in terms of 
contributions to OSM in general and HOT in particular.

> If you put something in the task instructions then people have to read them 
> and there seems to be a tendency to just map first and read the instructions 
> afterwards.  In African villages highway=pedestrian isn't on the list of 
> highways for Africa in the wiki.  Once you nudge them once or twice there is 
> far less clean up to do when validating so ideally a tool that showed any new 
> mapper who has mapped would be very nice but it isn't going to happen 
> overnight.  More validators would be nice but they need to be tactful, have 
> read the instructions and also have some knowledge and experience.  I recall 
> one of my tiles was bruskly invalidated because I hadn't mapped something that 
> was not required in the instructions.
People might not be reading instructions but they will have to read the 
contribute tab. Maybe something like a clearly visible message "please read the 
instructions before you start - if in doubt ask on the mailing list" could help 

Another idea which comes to my mind: let contributors have a third choice for 
their task. Apart from "Unlock" and "Mark task as done" something which marks 
the task as done but calls for more-or-less immediate validation because the 
contributor wants feedback about the quality of his work. Such tiles would be 
displayed in a different colour and form a priority queue for validation.

This reduces the pressure of a direct interaction but offers newbies a feeling 
that they will not be left alone.



> On 28 June 2015 at 07:35, Dale Kunce <dale.kunce at gmail.com 
> <mailto:dale.kunce at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     John and Susan I love this idea. The Missing Maps projects are generally
>     really good for new mappers. We could set up a couple of tasks outside a
>     mapathon just for this purpose.
>     Would you once a list of people you can contact in the task instructions.
>     These folks will also be the ones responsible for being the validates and
>     Mentors
>     On Sat, Jun 27, 2015, 9:21 PM Suzan Reed <suzan at suzanreed.com
>     <mailto:suzan at suzanreed.com>> wrote:
>         John mentors me, and it's been extremely valuable to have him gently
>         mentioning problems.
>         Having a list of projects for new people where they can get some
>         mentoring as they learn to map would be exellent. Being isolated isn't
>         easy. Being on a team and working with other mappers encourages us to
>         do more mapping, and it's more interesting and dare I say, fun.
>         Cheers,
>         Suzan
>         On Jun 27, 2015, at 6:11 PM, john whelan wrote:
>         I normally keep an eye on about three or four projects and validate
>         any tiles that get marked done on those projects usually within a day
>         or so and often within an hour or two.
>         Working like this I find I can gently mention problems to newcomers
>         and strangely enough the projects get finished off.
>         Could some one think of a way to have a list of projects that are
>         validated in this way that newcomers can find easily so they can get a
>         bit of support and don't feel too isolated.  It would need commitment
>         from someone to validate a project rather than the project manager
>         adding it to the list.
>         Yes I understand that Maperthons are wonderful and looking over
>         someone's shoulder is useful but there are people who find getting to
>         Maperthons not so convenient and it would be nice to cater to them.
>         Thanks John
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