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Joseph Reeves iknowjoseph at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 23:27:47 UTC 2015

*tl;dr *People are always asking for more of a say in HOT. Let's do that

Dear all,

The proposed (accepted?) extension to the nomination process has taken most
of us by surprise. Let's use it as an opportunity.

The original nomination deadline is due to close in less than an hour. With
this extended we have some possibilities. Most obviously, Severin, Nicolas,
Jaakko & Pierre, will you be able to write a proposal for your Board
election before the new deadline? Reading why someone else thinks you're
great is, well, great, but I'd rather hear your views.

In fact, I think this is really important before the new deadline. By
writing your views about HOT, the role of the Board and why you want to be
on it, you give others the opportunity to engage with you and your views.
You give others the opportunity to put themselves or others forward. We've
got the word "Open" in our organisation name; please don't keep your
thoughts from us.

I do admit, however, that the deadline extension is a bit of a nuisance if
you were planning to sneak in at the last minute, not say anything to the
membership and then let the nomination process close behind you. I'm sure
nobody was planning that.

Members, volunteers, interested parties:

if you were thinking of running for the Board, there's still time. Read
what others have written and see if you agree. Tell us what you think of
the organisation. How does the Board fit in there? Why do you want to be on
the Board and not a Working Group? What could you do as a board Member that
you couldn't do as a a community manager or mapping coordinator?

If you weren't thinking of running for the Board, please tell us what you
think anyway. At times in the past we've had great outcries that the
Membership has not been listened to. At this great opportunity, however,
it's depressing that not more people are speaking; the usual verbose email
senders, myself included, have been saying more than anyone else.

You don't have to tell us much. Brief is good. Put in a tl;dr if you like.

This is the most important time for sharing your views.

I'd be interested in, for example, what do you think HOT is? How do the
volunteers, Members and Board fit that view? What needs to change? Where
will we be in a year? 5 years? 10 years? How do we need to get there?

Tell us what you think, please.

Thanks, Joseph
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