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Mark Cupitt markcupitt at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 02:57:40 UTC 2015

Hi All

I would like to expand a little on one of my remarks yesterday, this is
what I said

*Board Feedback*

*Well, to be blunt, this has to improve to the HOT membership.
Unfortunately with Kate’s resignation, it will put a dent in the Board’s
ability to address this properly, purely from a practical standpoint, but
it is something that I feel must happen. *

*My personal reason is simple, since nominating for the board, I have
realized how little I actually knew about what HOT did and what to
achieves, sure there are emails, that get sent but there is no real “One
place to go” to get an understanding about what is happening at any time.*

*I would like to see a Presidents report to the General Community on a
monthly basis and a second report to the Membership with more HOT business
related matters addressed.  If the board agrees, I will take the
responsibility to do this.*

I realized after a couple of chats with people that this statement is not
particularly clear, and as it is a very important point, I would like to
spend another paragraph or so on it.

The outgoing board has, made a lot of improvements in the feedback process,
especially with the efforts of Heather and Sev. Heather as the secretary
has made a sterling effort to make sure all the minutes are published. If
you go back through the wiki, there are occasions where this is not the
case. This is a BIG +1

I was not actually referring to that process, I think it is as good as it
needs to be now.

I was referring to the operational side of HOT. We just had 20 odd new
members join the team. How do they find out what is happening, what we are
doing so they can contribute. A lot of things happen in the background and
if you have not been able to read the emails and participate, you have no
idea, really, where to start until you see something mentioned and start to

We have done many on the ground Missions, have done and are doing a number
of technology related projects, and so on. I still do not know if I am
aware of all of them, I have no list to compare with that I am aware of.

I guess my point is that there is no one place to go and see what is
happening right now in HOT, as a management/member summary. What is being
done, what we are supporting, what we are planning. This changes from month
to month. Where do people go to see a "Snapshot" of what HOT is achieving
at this point in time.

This is why I suggest that a Presidents report is appropriate, it is
current, relevant and should cover all the ongoing efforts, what ever they
are in a one to two page email, once a month. All the other material we
currently have would support this for the detail.
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