[HOT] HOT Community Meeting Summary Notes and Next Steps

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Fri Mar 13 17:52:12 UTC 2015

> I take advantage of this announcement to stress the most fundamental point
> that the transition plan has to address: take into consideration the on-going
> election (results in 2 weeks time) and allow for the new board to act upon
> the work of the previous board and community for managing the transition.

Thanks Nico.

It was good to talk to a few people and get you involved in the planning. There was obviously a few people keen to present their different perspectives, particularly around structuring the organisation. The current board has a good grasp on what's needed. We're mostly looking to set things up so that we have good continuity in the short term. Nothing unravelling or collapsing too badly when Kate disappears. Nobody wants that, least of all the incoming board whoever they may be. Some (probably most or all) of the new board will be just one week into their new role when Kate finishes.

We have to work to put things in good shape for that. The new board will be managing the transition (with help from me if they want it). Obviously I'm speaking as somebody on the current board who will definitely not be part of the new board. Heather of course is speaking as a candidate. I hope she will be a part of the new board.


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