[HOT] Vanuata Islands, Pam Cyclone

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Sat Mar 14 18:39:29 UTC 2015

The communications are cut with the Vunuatu Archipel. From the information I gathered, I prepared a task wihth the islands that seems more severely hit.
I invite you to map these rapidly as Red Cross and other prepare to deploy. We will creat other tasks if necessary when more information is available.
We want to mark roads, residential areas, possible shelters, helicopter landing, communication towers. See http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/943

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This is a category 5 Cyclone, the highest category and many deaths reported.
ReliefWeb map, March 13, shows that the Islands south of Port Vila should have been the more affected.
I see two islands of about 30 km x 30 km and smaller islands.
A mix of Bing and MapBox imagery can be used since cloudy imagery in various areas.
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