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Thanks Harry for the updates. 

It is late here in north america.Those from Asia and Europe later do not hesitate to take the relay like Harry did.

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We have a wiki page for Vanuatu so I've added details to that and links to the TM projects on there


For your second TM project, Pierre, I've tweaked the description to say that Bing is only available at hi-res on the northernmost squares.(Bing coverage map: http://ant.dev.openstreetmap.org/bingimageanalyzer/?lat=-15.587324766473579&lon=168.431396484375&zoom=9&l=bing )

We can spot any roads and settlements but in most squares there's none of this. There is a fair bit of work we could do in Vanuatu on coastline refinements (lots of coarse PGS data) adding of missing natural=beach areas, and rivers. Not very important data, but it aids navigation.

To decrease the chance of edit conflicts on coastlines I've split some of them into smaller ways. Could do more of this. When doing this with a fresh island, they are often in as a single way which also carries a place=island and name tag. That needs converting to a multipolygon.



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Jean-Guilhem informs me about a UNICEF Update reporting deaths in islands around Penata. 

The Tropical Cyclone PAM Track Map - 12 March 2015 from OCHA shows in red color the areas correspond the islands affected, including Penata.


This second job completes the islands that need tracing from information we have presently, this including Penata.



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