[HOT] Moving on with the Election

Mark Cupitt markcupitt at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 12:52:13 UTC 2015

Dear All

I have sat back over the last few days, as have many members and watched
with interest the different posts from the different parties.

As a Voter, and a potential board member who has to work with the other
people elected to the board, I am very interested in looking toward the
future, not the past, and what the people who may be elected want to
achieve for HOT the NGO, HOT the Volunteer Community, but most importantly,
for the people that we came together to help in the first place.

The email exchanges have almost all focused on the past and only a very few
points. Yes these are important, but also, the future actions of the board
are also just as important. Any open issues will be resolved in the first
month or two. There is still another 10 or 11 months of work ahead and much
to do.

In terms of any issues that have been brought to light, I am absolutely
confident that the membership is capable of electing a board who is able of
deal with what ever needs to be done in the best interests of the
organization and the membership, so lets move on to other business.

I call on all candidates to focus on the positive aspects of what THEY will
do for HOT as an elected board member and provide the voting membership
with the most information on their capabilities, ideas and visions for HOT
in the coming year.


Mark Cupitt

"If we change the world, let it bear the mark of our intelligence"

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