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This is indeed a very interesting topic. Especially on maters of how open mapping collaboration projects/systems contribute to under-representation and misrepresentation.
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Hello Robert,

This is an excellent topic, and a conversation I would participate in.  The GeoCenter continues to work with GWU each semester, and have started to coordinate with universities overseas.  It would be great to share our experience, and learn from others.  Overall the process is coming along nicely.


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Hi all,

I'm thinking about submitting a panel proposal for the HOT Summit on academic partnerships with HOT.  Potential topics for discussion could include research ethics, opportunities for documenting HOT's efforts, and the kinds of questions that the HOT community would see benefit from having academic investigation into.

There is tremendous scholarly interest in OpenStreetMap these days and HOT is an important reason for that.  I think it could be useful for us as a community to articulate what partnership with academic researchers might look like and what we might hope to gain from this.

If you have interest in participating in this panel or just have thoughts that you would like to see covered, please drop me a line here or off-list.  Look forward to seeing everyone at the Summit.


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