[HOT] One year ago the HOT community started West Africa Ebola response

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Hi Rod
If I remember correctly, our CartONG friends contacted us, the core leaders, on the 22 by Skype to agree on the collaboration with CartONG / MSF-ch and establish the AOI's. They then bought the first three images from Pleiades for Gueckedou, Kissidougou and Macenta. I thought that we started to map before the 24. I remember looking around Geckedou, to see this blank map and no imagery available.

And yes, we more officially started the 24, talking on the HOT list and starting the Ebola Activation. No one could imagine at the time what it came to be over the last year. 

And then, yes, tomorrow is the official date where HOT / OSM activated to respond to this health emergency.
What it is important to mention, is these Activtions are realized voluntary, both by the Leaders of the activation, the developpers and the Support team, plus all those who contributed in various ways. We are almost at 16 million objects edited, more then 3,000 contributors from 100 countries. 

Definitevely, This Ebola Activation is a reference after Haiti in 2010.  I cannot mention all those that contributed to this action. For our records, please update the wiki page for this activation documenting your contribution. When a major activation start, these records help us to identify actions and people that can contribute.
Thanks first to  Andrew Buck who joined in with me for the Mali activation in early 2013. We also co-coordinated the Haiyan and Ebola activation. More recently, Blake Girardot joined-in and supported in various ways such as learning material, etc, etc. Others also contribute on the Activation working group where we can collectively share some responsabilities about managing such OpenStreetMap responses

Thanks also for these fantastic contributions.
   - The Imagery is an important aspect of our remote responses to disasters. Except the first three images, the imagery providers offered all the imagery necessary for this Activation  : HIU (US State Dept), MapBox, Airbus Space & Defense.
   - Imagery support at HOT : Jean-Guilhem Cailton, Mikel Maron and Fred Moine who looked at imagery.
   - Tasking Manager Validation process : Russell Defner + others (Russell please mention)
   - Learning Material    

   - Task manager and other tools development
   - Daily exports
   - Mapping parties
   - Communications, Updates, etc.
   - The more then  3,000 contributors from more then 100 countries ! Thanks all.   

And please others, do not hesitate to complete, help me in providing a minimum of retrospective on this great last year of contribution.

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 According to the logs on the HOT list it started on 24th, with 45-50 e-mails related to the ebola response in the first 24 hours, and 3 tasks initiated that same day, which tends to show a pretty good reactiveness.
 It could be instructive to do the same investigations directly in the OSM base. My feeling is that on this crisis the emerging African OSM communities made a difference.
 On 22/03/15 17:01, Pierre Béland wrote:

 March 22 2014, we started to monitor this humanitarian response. Thanks to all of those who contributed, who are still supporting the humanitarians in the field. 
  As discussed this week with the humanitarian organizations and UN Agencies on our skype coordination group, we should be both optimistic with the progress in reduction of cases and realistic in the efforts to maintain to control this epidemic and help the West Africa countries the most affected to build  better sanitation conditions and restart the economies severly affected by the last year epidemic. 
  See the twitter to thanks all the OSM contributors.
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