[HOT] Most "active" HOT projects since March 2014

Martin Dittus martin at dekstop.de
Mon Mar 23 18:59:48 UTC 2015

Hallo all,

Here are two basic rankings of HOT project activity in the last year, based on map contributions in the past 12 months. Discussion on IRC suggested that this data might be useful to others, so I’m sharing it with the list. 

HOT projects ranked by edit activity from Mar 2014 - Feb 2015 (inclusive):

The first tab shows a ranking of all tasking manager projects by number of changesets, the second by number of contributors.

This data is not yet captured by the tasking manager: I’m only looking at participation that actually resulted in changes on the map. To this purpose I identify changesets in the OSM edit history that were tagged with a HOT project id.

I’m curious what other people can read from this data, e.g. whether it matches your intuitions of popular HOT activities.

Of course these kinds of rankings are of dubious utility — projects are rarely directly comparable in their scope, and larger activations may be structured in all kinds of ways. Same goes for changesets as a metric.

Does anyone have good suggestions for how one could meaningfully group the hundreds of HOT projects? E.g. I could aggregate stats for all #MissingMaps/#MapLesotho/Ebola Outbreak projects, are there similar tags I should be looking for? Are these actually meaningful distinctions when looking at contribution outcomes?

Any requests for other stats? I’d be happy to produce more, provided it’s feasible. No promises :)

Greetings from London,
Martin Dittus


If you’re interested in the details — there are a number of challenges in producing such data, and some caveats. Mostly it has to do with the unstructured nature of changeset comments.

I’m likely undercounting: automated iD changeset comments were only introduced in mid-August 2014, see http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/mcld/diary/24123 — I’m not identifying earlier contributions that have not been tagged manually.

I’m likely undercounting: HOT projects use multiple tagging conventions for changeset comments, most prominently #hotosm-project-938 and #hotosm-task-907 but also #hotosm-Ebola-892 and similar. I'm being quite lenient in what I expect but may not catch all projects. 

I also noticed the tag #hotosm-cap103 which is not actually referring to a project ID, that's an activation ("Projet Cap103”).

And — I don’t have project titles for projects that aren’t public any longer.

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