[HOT] validating tiles

Daniel Specht danspecht at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 01:51:04 UTC 2015

Lots of projects are mapped quickly, but validated  slowly. This could be
(A) beginners don't feel qualified to pass judgement
(B) people don't like to pass judgement
(C)  doing original work is more fun than reviewing someone else's work.

I have a couple suggestions for encouraging validation.

1.  Include instructions for validation on the instructions tab.
   Because the instructions tab only has mapping instructions, readers may
think that validation is for someone else to do.

2.  Include validation statistics on the stats tab.
  Because the stats tab only has statistics for tiles completed, mappers
may think that validating tiles is not essential. Also, these statistics
give the mapper, but not the validator, a psychological reward. I've been
validating a lot of tiles -- sometimes I seem to be doing most of the
validations on a project -- and even though seeing the number by your name
increment isn't the biggest thrill in the world, I have to admit that I
miss it..
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