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Frederic Moine frmoine at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 08:20:23 UTC 2015

Dear Dale,

I know all the NGO they don’t have the time in Haiti, we have seen the 
result in the field.

I thought we were here to reinforce local capacity, see what has been 
done previously and coordinate with the existing capacity.

You are asking OSM community to use a UAV image we have done in 2014. A 
lot of thing has change in between in the field.

So depend on the workflow, is better to have the latest imagery :

- To generate the latest building layers,

- Provide the latest map for the survey team.

- Go in the field with mapillary (street view) and click on the building 
to put the use of the building.

- Avoid any loose of time during the post mapping (after the data 
collection in the field).

Unfortunately, since 2013 we have a limited budget ( 2014, 10 000 usd, 
2015 I have spent myself 2000 usd)to do more than 250 flights to cover 
almost 200 km2.

We can finish Canaan in a week if we receive help,

So far OSM Haiti has done:
- 16 meeting in Onaville and canaan locals authorities / communities to 
delimitate the bloc,

- UAV imagery you are using

- Made some mapping and inform about the risk of flooding ( informal area).

Let us know what you want and the OSM team in Haiti will do it for sure.

All the best FredM

On 25.03.2015 09:02, Dale Kunce wrote:
> Fred, I can't wait for the imagery. I would love to see the imagery 
> and think of ways to incorporate it into our project in Canaan.
> The majority of the help that we need at this moment is completing the 
> Canaan tracing task. We will begin our field activities in soon and 
> really need to finish the task.
> Any and all help is appreciated.
> http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/870
> On Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 9:42 AM Frederic Moine <frmoine at gmail.com 
> <mailto:frmoine at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Dear dale,
>     During our last UAV mission with OSM Haiti we covered a small part of
>     canaan with a normal caméra and a Near Infra Red Camera.
>     We are making the post traitment and will publish it when it will be
>     ready (with Jean Guilhem).
>     However we will need to cover more area. Our last mission was to test
>     NIR camera for hydro model and risk reduction project (OSM Haiti is
>     taking the lead).
>     Let us know if you need more help from the OSM community on your
>     project.
>     All the best FredM
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