[HOT] Question about helping as newcomer

laura brittain l.n.brittain at gmail.com
Fri May 1 23:17:18 UTC 2015

I'm limiting my newbie mapping in Nepal tasks to things that seem simple. But I don't want to confuse things with bad data.
After reading comments in the hotlist, I'm sticking to white squares. 
Is it advisable to go ahead with:
Finding and marking individual buildings
Identifying bridges
Marking paths from roads to buildings?
These are the only things I can do without guessing, so I stick to them.

Also, It isn't clear how to label bridges. I couldn't find the dropdowns for highway that were suggested in the instructions.
Also, does it help to mark a path that seems to disappear in trees? Some of these buildings are isolated and I thought it would help to
show the part of the path that's clearly visible, if there's no other access, but not sure.

Like a lot of people who are new, I really want to help. Please advise.

Thank you.

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