[HOT] Urgent Request - Nepal Earthquake - What data can be shared on the maps?

Felix Fiedler ffitc15 at yahoo.de
Sat May 2 13:38:58 UTC 2015

Thanks everybody for the quick responses! Your links are exactely what we were searching for and will be extremly helpful for our work! We (karmaflights.org & Paddle Nepal) will soon get in touch with you guys at Kathmandu Living Labs.
Fantastic work you're doing, keep in rolling!Best regards from Pokhara,Felix


     Arun Ganesh <arun.planemad at gmail.com> schrieb am 18:21 Samstag, 2.Mai 2015:

 Hey Felix,The simplest failsafe tool that comes to mind that use the map data we have put together is fieldpapers: http://fieldpapers.org
You can basically generate A4 sized pdfs of maps for an area of interest. Field workers can use this to navigate on the ground, and also collect additional information on the paper including corrections.
These prints can later be scanned and used as a reference by mappers online to update the map data back on openstreetmap which will become available to all other map users..

On Sat, May 2, 2015 at 5:28 PM, Felix Fiedler <ffitc15 at yahoo.de> wrote:

Hi there!
First of all, great job you're doing with your project!
I could not find the information about what the HOT-Map is capable and time is short for us.I'm here in Pokhara and close to a very busy NGO which got lots of information about state of help in villages, roads open or not, contact information to villages etc.Whilst we where trying to find options to share this information to other organisations aswell for people out in the field, we found the HOT project. 

- So if anyone could be so kind and tell me if this project is an option for our purposes.- Do you know other tools that might be interesting for us, for "output" aswell for gathering information in an easy way from the individuals beeing in the field or coming back from there.

Thanks a lot for you help!

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