[HOT] Question just to be sure.. Residential landuse areas should have at least 20 buildings?

Stéphane Henriod s at henriod.info
Sat May 2 21:00:03 UTC 2015

Hi Tom

I don't know if this is correct but this is what I've been doing too. I
assumed that some of those areas had been mapped during the first pass and
were meant to roughly indicate the residential areas. So, as soon as we map
the more detailed buildings, the "landuse:residential" are no longer needed.



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2015-05-02 22:38 GMT+02:00 Tom McDonald <tmcd123 at gmail.com>:

> I encountered a tile with many small (2 or 3 houses) areas in the hills of
> Nepal marked as landuse=Residential. It is my understanding that this tag
> should be used only for true "Settlements" of 20 or more houses?
> I read somewhere that counting the number of "Residential" areas can be
> used as a rough guide to population. This only works if they are all about
> same size.
> The validation instructions for my task: #1018 - Nepal Earthquake, 2015,
> detailed mapping 2nd pass, states "residential/settlement areas - validate
> if all settlements (a cluster of 20 or so houses) are enclosed with
> landuse=residential polygon/enclosed way."
> Is it correct for me to remove the landuse tag for these tiny groups of
> houses?
> Tom
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