[HOT] Question on Nepal helicopter landing sites mapping

Michael ohrosm at gmail.com
Sun May 3 13:25:49 UTC 2015


I think we might need some clarification on how to map the helicopter 
landing sites (Projects #1023 and #1026).

What I did is this:
- for an official helipad I would create a circle and tag it with 
"aeroway=helipad" - but I have not come across one while mapping.
- if it is a potential landing site I create a polygon with the actual 
shape of the site and tag it with "leisure=common"

Recently I have seen other mappers doing thing a bit differently. I have 
seen "leisure=common" mapped as circles, even if the place is not really 
circular. This I where I am not sure what the right approach is. So I 
would appreciate feedback from others.

On a side note: Looking for a sample helipad yesterday I also found a 
number of clear areas tagged with "aeroway=helipad". To me this tag 
should only be used for marked official helipads. So the data might need 
some care at some point.

Michael (user Ohr)

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