[HOT] Question on Nepal helicopter landing sites mapping

S Volk svolk2 at hotmail.com
Sun May 3 15:35:25 UTC 2015

Hi Michael, I do this: as instructions say, circular "aeroway=helipads" only if found the circular mark on ground with the "H". For the other "possible" landing areas as said in instructions, in hilly areas I try to find the higher and larger, clear but not too far from village. Also with some support of helicopters websites as quoted, Helicopters like Chinook may need wider area, but smaller helipoters can land on smaller areas. It depends on conditions that we can't decide from satellite. What we can do is to mark the best area as instructilons say, but specialists and pilots will choose. Close to major river beds it may be easier to find, since there it can be flat farmland areas (possibly rice). I try to mark the shape for these alternative areas: if it was previously marked as farmland, I add a new poligon (not sharing nodes) for leisure=common (if these areas will be searched by querry for "common", it's easier to find). I try to draw the shape of what I can see clean, avoiding visible objects (rocks, scrub, trees, walls).  For example if it's a strip of 30x100m, i'd rather draw this way, because it's better to indicate possible aproaching direction. Recently I prefer to mark some 2 of these areas in some villages, when it's possible, because anyway, this don't mean pilots "must" land there, but they can choose on visual contact. Regards, Sérgio (user:SergioAJV) 		 	   		  
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