[HOT] Planning second IDP informal camp assessment for Kathmandu - Revised tagging schema for IDP

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Sun May 3 19:13:40 UTC 2015

It is moving fast today after waiting so long for images. Better weather gave an Opportunity window to take pictures inally!
We had discussion on the OSM Carto coordination room with partners about tagging schema to take account of multiple assessments, this both from aerial imagery or from the field. Before we start the second assessment for Kathmandu, we will revise the source tag for the first assessment to assure we can have distinct tag for each asssessment date. This seems the easier both for the contributors to follow and for the data management. We also plan to restrict this job to the more experimented contributors.

We propose as tagging schema for the IDP informal camps 

idp:source_date=Provideridp:status_date= new / increase / decrease / closedidp:population_NGO_date=number
For example

TM 1023
idp:source_2015-04-27=Pleiades, CNES, Airbus DS
New TM to start
idp:source_2015-05-03=Digital Globeidp:status_2015-05-03= new / increase / decrease / closed

Please comment rapidly since we need to start this task as soon as possible.
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