[HOT] What constitutes an experienced mapper?

Steve Bower sbower at gmavt.net
Mon May 4 02:52:29 UTC 2015

How much does prior experience count toward being an "experienced mapper"
for HOT work?

I have one week of experience with OSM/JOSM, working on basic Nepal tasks,
plus much prior GIS experience. I would be glad to contribute to
"experienced mapper" tasks, as needed, if there's a protocol (informal?)
for recognizing prior experience.

I have 12 years of GIS experience, including as a U.S. state GIS Database
Administrator, application developer, and GIS-based master's thesis. I have
spent 5 wonderful months in Nepal, mostly trekking.

However, I'm still learning HOT processes, how decisions are made,
validation processes & tools, how data are used in the field, etc. I would
be sure to ask for help rather than plow ahead when uncertain.

Sorry to interrupt more pressing business, but glad to contribute at a
higher level as needed.

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