[HOT] What constitutes an experienced mapper?

Rafael Avila Coya ravilacoya at gmail.com
Mon May 4 03:57:24 UTC 2015

Hi, Steve:

I would say myself that an experienced mapper is someone who is sure
s/he can do the task for which s/he is required to contribute. You can
be experienced in manual importing, or in mapping commons outside
villages for helicopter landing, etc. It depends. If you still feel in
doubt, you can do one task and ask for other experienced mappers
working in the same project to validate your data before proceeding
further with more tasks.

Hope I answered your question.



On 03/05/15 22:52, Steve Bower wrote:
> How much does prior experience count toward being an "experienced 
> mapper" for HOT work?
> I have one week of experience with OSM/JOSM, working on basic
> Nepal tasks, plus much prior GIS experience. I would be glad to
> contribute to "experienced mapper" tasks, as needed, if there's a
> protocol (informal?) for recognizing prior experience.
> I have 12 years of GIS experience, including as a U.S. state GIS 
> Database Administrator, application developer, and GIS-based
> master's thesis. I have spent 5 wonderful months in Nepal, mostly
> trekking.
> However, I'm still learning HOT processes, how decisions are made, 
> validation processes & tools, how data are used in the field, etc.
> I would be sure to ask for help rather than plow ahead when
> uncertain.
> Sorry to interrupt more pressing business, but glad to contribute
> at a higher level as needed.
> Steve
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