[HOT] data alignment to satellite imagery

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I am new the HOT OSM as well, and am also finding line work not aligned to imagery.

An example might be a line that has been delineated generally following the road but plotted either side of the pixels representing the road. In such a case, I would
initially presume that the scale at which the user delineated the road was too small. 

This begs the question, is there a standard scale at which we need to interpret the imagery? Is there official documentation or a blog on guidelines on this subject? 


On 04/05/15 07:26, Kretzer wrote:
> Hi Joshua,
> if you do the "fix alignment", you actually move the image, not the data. As far as I know usually Bing is used as the reference imagery, so I would not adjust that. If the other shapes are not aligned, the other people have probably used different imagery and not adjusted that.
> Probably there are only some shapes in the wrong place, not all? Then you can adjust those manually or ignore them and ad your features with the default alignment.
> Experts jump in please, if I am wrong here.
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>> Betreff: [HOT] data alignment to satellite imagery
>> Hi
>> I'm new to HOT and I'm using the iD editor.
>> I'm looking at an area that has shapes which do not align with the
>> Bing imagery.  Should I use the "fix alignment" tool before I add
>> additional data or just add the features as they appear with the
>> current alignment?
>> Thanks
>> Joshua
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