[HOT] Path mapping restrictions in tasks

Andre Engels andreengels at gmail.com
Mon May 4 13:10:11 UTC 2015

In my opinion, when there are no (major) roads, but only paths, the
most important paths become as such the 'major road network'
themselves. The way I interpret this restriction is that we do not
want paths that do not connect to anything, so-called islands n OSM
terminology. We also do not want small paths that just connect to one
small patch of farmland. But where there is a path to the next
village, but no road, that's a path we really do want, methinks.


On Sun, May 3, 2015 at 1:05 PM, Pat Tressel <ptressel at myuw.net> wrote:
> The instructions for (e.g.) task #1018 say to map only paths that connect to
> "major road networks".  I'm mapping in the Borang area from Digital Globe
> imagery (not the imagery listed for this task -- there is no Bing imagery
> here and the MapBox imagery is low-resolution).  There *are* no roads, let
> alone road networks, in this area.  If we don't map foot paths that don't
> connect to "road networks", there won't be any travel routes marked at all.
> Prior mappers in this are have started to map paths (including some
> well-known paths, such as the Ganesh Himal trek).
> Note these areas also do not appear to have good helicopter or small plane
> landing sites -- they are terraced and steep.
> So...can the restriction be relaxed in these remote areas that do not have
> roads?  If the restriction is relaxed, what should the criterion be?
> Also, regarding paths:  In some places, paths that are well-defined for part
> of their length will disappear under trees, or will be hard to distinguish
> when they run along a terrace, or split into multiple less-distinct paths.
> I'm wondering if there are other sources of information about paths to and
> between remote villages.  Perhaps trek guide companies?  Old maps that could
> be rectified using Mapwarper?  Anyone familiar with those areas who could
> have a look at the imagery, and advise on where an indistinct path most
> likely runs?
> -- Pat
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