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Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Mon May 4 15:54:28 UTC 2015

+ 1 with Robert statement.
We have a lot of new contributions for such OSM responses in the emergency. This is how many of us have started to contribute to OSM. We need to be careful how we contact people to talk about improving mapping quality.
We should offer a standard message for this. And yes, it is important to be polite. This is a stressing situation, we all want to help. Let's make it interesting for all. You can either invite to exchange on the IRC or offer some help through skype sharing your screen.
After 9 days of response, we can say that we had difficulties, access problem to post-disaster imagery with this rainy season. But we are there to support people isolated in various areas and that need help rapidly.
Let's focus on helping them, and this with a positive spirit.
On the long term, we should surely continue to develop tools for easier monitoring of new contributions. For this activation, various initiatives are taken. These should help to define content and develop such tools.

Thanks to all, to those that take initiatives, participate to the various support groups like the Evaluation group. This group is looking at validating rapidly and contact new contributors. If there are some experimented contributors that want to participate, contact activation @ hotosm.org


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Hi Klaus,
First of all, thanks for providing such a measured response to a not very measured message. I’m sorry you got such a rude message in the first place and want to assure you that it doesn’t reflect HOT’s attitude, both stated by the organization and unstated within the community, towards errors by new contributors. Everyone has to start somewhere and errors are inevitable.
Secondly, I do have to agree with the point of the message. The fact is your iterative work process doesn’t fit with the contribution-validation process HOT has set up to make it easy for everyone to work together. There’s no graceful way in the technical tools or HOT’s workflow to reflect that buildings-as-nodes are a transitional step by you towards perfect data. Thus it creates the potential for others to waste time “correcting” what seems like a mistake.
I can understand how this system would work really well when you’re managing a task or area by yourself. But HOT tasks are done with others and the system is designed so that we build on one another’s work. Also consider that no responding agencies are looking for buildings as nodes and hence your transitional data adds no value until entered as an area.
Finally, a gentle reminder to experienced: if you encounter systematic errors from users, however seemingly basic or disastrous, please give them the benefit of the doubt with a nice message. Inviting new users to contribute guarantees mistakes, but it creates a lot more value than harm: we have to accept the mistakes as part of the process. If I was a new user and read the message above I guarantee I would be scared off mapping — and that means HOT just lost a potential longtime contributor.
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