[HOT] Should Newbies (Me) keep mapping houses and "easy" features?

laura brittain l.n.brittain at gmail.com
Mon May 4 18:36:44 UTC 2015

Since a lot of work now needs to be done by more experienced mappers, is it still helpful for newbies like me to trace houses and other "easy" features? 
Does seeing every building in an area (especially isolated buildings) help with rescue and aid?
A lot of these buildings seem really hard to get to, so if they're mapped it would seem that they won't be overlooked, but I wanted to check.

Question 2:
Should blue and red-roofed buildings be marked, and if so, as buildings? They are aid tents, right? 

I'm sure I'm like thousands of newbs who are eager, dying, to help but not wanting to waste time on unimportant tasks.
Please advise.


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