[HOT] Missing Maps Training Video Suggestions

althio althio.forum at gmail.com
Thu May 7 07:15:52 UTC 2015

Hi Laura,

> as I suggested some days ago, I'd like to add these video training (while
> done) to a moodle course

I will support that.

> And maybe be able to synch the moodle course
> training with the task manager permission to edit maps.

Maybe... but that can be considered later.
It is not a must-have from my point-of-view.
Let us try first to put good documentation and training.
Let us see later if we still need to add permission and locks.

>> There's a shared doc here, where we're collecting ideas for the
>> individual modules. Please feel free to add your thoughts and, even
>> better, to encourage newbies to identify where there are most needs
>> for training materials...
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Mo82sCLLnP30SsgRO1VIpGxezWcQhAQ_HxEpCEPh89o/edit?usp=sharing

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