[HOT] Missing Maps Training Video Suggestions

althio althio.forum at gmail.com
Thu May 7 21:18:48 UTC 2015

Springfield, Suzan, all, special mention to Lars,

I do encourage you to share your suggestions and experience as
newcomers in the shared document where it could be put to much better
use than in the mailing list. You have the opportunity to get involved
at a very veeery early stage of this videos project. Of course the
document is pretty rough, this is collaborative and brainstorming.
Seize the day. Make your mark.

Another disclaimer: this initiative of 1-minute videos is led by
MissingMaps. I fully support it and try to foster it but I am not in
charge. People in charge may not read or answer in this mailing list.
If you want to give feedback and ideas on this: go and edit the shared
document. Let me be blunt at this point: in the scope of this video
project, when pointed to an external document, any comment left in the
mailing list is 100 times less useful and 1000 times more likely to be

As everything in open data and open source, don't be afraid of making
some errors.
Your input will be reviewed and modified by others, and everything
will improve with time and contributions.

> The instructional materials that do exist also seem to be scattered among many sites and documents; I have given up trying to keep track.

That statement applies to all fields of knowledge that I know of.

- althio

wall of links:

active contributor in the Training Working Group <training at hotosm.org>

member of the LearnOSM team <learnosm at hotosm.org>

HOT is a partner of MSF-UK, British Red Cross and American Red Cross
with MissingMaps

Fresh from today: http://www.msf.org.uk/msf-scientific-day-catch-up
Session 1:  Keynote speech & unchartered territory: mapping for
humanitarian responses

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