[HOT] Missing Maps Training Video Suggestions

Springfield Harrison stellargps at gmail.com
Sat May 9 08:06:15 UTC 2015

Hello althio,

         I did make quite a few additions to the shared document, 
that is a good method for consolidating ideas in one place.

         I am a bit nervous about the 1 min. concept.  1 min. is not 
very long, most topics are going to require a bit more than 
that.  Surely, we can expect the volunteer's attention span to 
stretch to perhaps three or 5 min.   If the videos are only 1 min. 
long, hundreds will be required to cover the whole realm.  Cataloging 
them will be a major task and who will want to wade through scores of 
video listings to find a paltry 1 min. dissertation?

                 Thanks, Cheers . . . . . . . . Spring

At 07-05-2015 14:18 Thursday, althio wrote:
>Springfield, Suzan, all, special mention to Lars, I do encourage you 
>to share your suggestions and experience as newcomers in the shared 
>document where it could be put to much better use than in the 
>mailing list. You have the opportunity to get involved at a very 
>veeery early stage of this videos project. Of course the document is 
>pretty rough, this is collaborative and brainstorming. Seize the 
>day. Make your mark. 
>Another disclaimer: this initiative of 1-minute videos is led by 
>MissingMaps. I fully support it and try to foster it but I am not in 
>charge. People in charge may not read or answer in this mailing 
>list. If you want to give feedback and ideas on this: go and edit 
>the shared document. Let me be blunt at this point: in the scope of 
>this video project, when pointed to an external document, any 
>comment left in the mailing list is 100 times less useful and 1000 
>times more likely to be forgotten. 
>As everything in open data and open source, don't be afraid of 
>making some errors. Your input will be reviewed and modified by 
>others, and everything will improve with time and contributions. > 
>The instructional materials that do exist also seem to be scattered 
>among many sites and documents; I have given up trying to keep 
>track. That statement applies to all fields of knowledge that I know 
>of. - althio wall of links: active contributor in the Training 
>Working Group <training at hotosm.org> 
>member of the LearnOSM team <learnosm at hotosm.org> 
>http://learnosm.org/en/beginner/ HOT is a partner of MSF-UK, British 
>Red Cross and American Red Cross with MissingMaps 
>http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Missing_Maps_Project Fresh from 
>today: http://www.msf.org.uk/msf-scientific-day-catch-up Session 1: 
>Keynote speech & unchartered territory: mapping for humanitarian 
>responses _______________________________________________ HOT 
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