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Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sat May 9 07:15:42 UTC 2015

On 5/8/2015 11:39 PM, Springfield Harrison wrote:
> This is a re-post from yesterday as it was too big and was rejected by 
> the  list moderator (image?).  I've deleted the image.  My apologies 
> to those who did receive it already.  Cheers . . . . Spring Harrison . 
> . . .
> Hello Mappers,
> Thanks for your comments and observations in reply to mine of 
> yesterday. Unfortunately, no time to deal with all of them separately 
> right now. A forum format would be much more efficient for exploring 
> discussions; this e-mail approach is quite fragmented. I'm sorry if I 
> have missed anyone in this reply, the cast of characters seems to vary.
> Have been exploring the verification process for task 1026-236, 
> helipad identification. Some observations follow:
>     ·On a second monitor, I viewed the same area (236) in Google Earth
>     and immediately got a vastly better feel for the terrain and was
>     able to quickly identify several good helipads with good certainty
>     as to quality. My background includes helicopter piloting as well
>     as GIS. 
>     ·At least for locating helipads, I would highly favour using
>     Google Earth, the perspective view and better image quality vastly
>     increases productivity. 
>     ·Markups could be done directly in Google Earth, saved as KML
>     files and forwarded to OSM. Image attached below. 
>     ·The only problem with this method is that the Task Area tile grid
>     would need to be provided for navigation. I doubt if that would be
>     difficult as a KML file. 
>     ·In some cases, the age of the Google Earth imagery may be a
>     slight drawback but since production is the chief imperative here,
>     that shouldn't be a big issue. 
>     ·Perhaps a customized Google Earth application using current
>     disaster imagery could be fired up for the duration of this
>     exercise? On-the-fly innovation is needed in emergencies. 
>     ·As a test, you could send me a collection of helipads for
>     inspection in Google Earth, it is very difficult to verify them in
>     JOSM. In Google Earth, the reconnaissance process is quite fast
>     and effective. 
> I hope these observations are helpful. I think the use of Google Earth 
> would improve the helipad selection process by orders of magnitude.
The Google terms of service do not permit the use of Google imagery to 
generate a map database*, which prevents the use of Google Earth with 
default imagery. Did you add any helipads based on Google imagery? If 
so, can you please send me details off-list.

* If you have an enterprise contract for Google Earth, you may have 
different terms, but consult your lawyer.
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