[HOT] Missing Maps Training Video Suggestions

Martin Noblecourt m_noblecourt at cartong.org
Sat May 9 13:19:15 UTC 2015

Dear all,

I also added a few comments, there are some really great ideas there.

However in the meantime, the MapGive videos are already a great 
resource. One of our volunteers have started to translate the transcript 
of the video "Learn How to Map in OpenStreetMap" in French. Do you know 
who we should get in touch with to have it integrated as subtitles on 
the video (it's already in Italian so it must be possible) ? And if it'd 
be possible to get the subtitle file in English, to facilitate the timing?

Thanks & best regards.

Martin Noblecourt

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organizations | Cartographie et gestion de l'information pour les 
organisations humanitaires

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