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Laura Camellini jeeltcraft at gmail.com
Thu May 7 08:59:44 UTC 2015

Ok althio,
I'm having a look to the document, I have some chance to find some english
speaking italian people to record an hangout.
I'll let you know asap.

2015-05-07 9:47 GMT+02:00 Springfield Harrison <stellargps at gmail.com>:

> Hello Suzan,
>         I am very new here and puzzled by some of the processes in place.
> Not sure if I will even continue, there seems to be a fair bit of turmoil
> not related to the earthquake.  I received one e-mail from someone who said
> this OSM initiative has only been going 10 years and was still a work in
> progress!  10 years, and only now someone is starting to put together some
> training materials?  What has been going on?  The instructional materials
> that do exist also seem to be scattered among many sites and documents; I
> have given up trying to keep track.  I went through two introductory videos
> on the simple editor which was fine and then fired up JOSM which looks
> quite daunting, even for someone experienced with GIS.
>         I'm still not clear why an emergency response project would need
> building footprints, especially when it is so labour intensive to create
> and then correct them.  There seem to be some odd priorities, but then I
> certainly don't know the whole picture.
>                 Thanks, Cheers . . . . . . . . Spring
> At 07-05-2015 00:30 Thursday, Suzan Reed wrote:
>> Training My major problem with the current training, it's long, boring,
>> and slow. A Quick Start Guide would be perfect for someone like me. A video
>> with this information would be great. I could not go through the training
>> because it went too slow, so I missed some information, but found the
>> process for someone like me who works in Photoshop pretty easy and
>> intuitive, but I'm not a usual newbie. An orientation video for the area
>> being mapped. I don't think many mappers know what buildings in remote
>> areas of Nepal look like, or that villages are spread out over a big area,
>> or that paths just end and do not connect in rural Nepal. A video with
>> still and moving images I believe would be a big help. People could then
>> see buildings are not square, built out of piles of rocks, and are often
>> two stories tall with animals below and people above. Roofs are tin, or
>> packed earth. If mappers could see this I think they would do a better job
>> mapping. The video could also go over other details of the project. I'd be
>> willing to help with this. Mentors I have connected with someone who is my
>> mentor and checks my work. Think it would be great if every newbie could
>> have a mentor, or a group of mentors to submit work to. Correcting other's
>> work We all want to do a good job, but I don't think the training gives the
>> most important information up front, i.e. make buildings the right size and
>> square. I've just deleted and redrawn about 100 buildings that were not
>> square nor did they fit on the image footprint. The mappers probably
>> thought a rough polygon would let people know a building existed in that
>> spot, but that's not what's needed. Same with paths that didn't conform to
>> the image. How to do it right would be so helpful if included in the
>> training up front. I don't think most people have the patience to go
>> through slow training, or my DVD wouldn't have come with a Quick Start
>> Guide! I'm a Newbie, and I recommend newbies be limited to drawing
>> buildings and adding roads and paths. Experts should draw Residential Areas
>> in rural areas and note forests and other features. I've corrected hundreds
>> of buildings and paths. It's a waste of time and energy for the original
>> mapper and the person correcting. We all want to do a good job or we
>> wouldn't be spending hours mapping. Hope this helps. Cheers! Suzan On May
>> 6, 2015, at 11:10 PM, Laura Camellini wrote: Hi all, as I suggested some
>> days ago, I'd like to add these video training (while done) to a moodle
>> course, And maybe be able to synch the moodle course training with the task
>> manager permission to edit maps. Do you think this could help you with your
>> tasks? Regards, LauraC 2015-05-07 3:16 GMT+02:00 Mhairi O'Hara <
>> mhairi.ohara at hotosm.org>: Dear Hotties, Please see the e-mail from Pete
>> Masters from the Missing Maps project: We are thinking about putting
>> together some video training resources for HOT mapping for newbies. No
>> concrete plans yet, just getting some thoughts together. There's a shared
>> doc here, where we're collecting ideas for the individual modules. Please
>> feel free to add your thoughts and, even better, to encourage newbies to
>> identify where there are most needs for training materials...
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Mo82sCLLnP30SsgRO1VIpGxezWcQhAQ_HxEpCEPh89o/edit?usp=sharing
>> Cheers, Pete -- Pete Masters Missing Maps Project Coordinator +44 7921
>> 781 518 missingmaps.org @pedrito1414 @theMissingMaps
>> facebook.com/MissingMapsProject -- Mhairi O'Hara Technical Project
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