[HOT] Request for Import: VDC Boundaries

Rafael Avila Coya ravilacoya at gmail.com
Sat May 9 19:53:06 UTC 2015

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Hi all:

Sorry for not answering before, but didn't have internet for the last
18 hours or so.

@Prabhas: We have been discussing some of these details/progress of
the import preparation in the Skype group specially opened to talk
about these matters.

I've set already an script to convert the data, and another one to
include the pcodes for each VDC boundary is on its way (nearly there I
would say).

This import would be done district by district (75 in total), and easy
for experienced users in importing/conflating boundaries (apart of me,
I was thinking on Pierre Béland who has also experience on dealing
with boundaries at least in Liberia). Working with boundaries
relations is probably one of the trickiest in OSM, so previous
experience is a must. I would say we could finish the job in 2-3 days.

The main concern since the beginning is the license. As I said in
other emails, I've contacted the World Bank, and they transferred the
license question to the department in charge of that data. I am
waiting for the answer since 2 days ago, but no news. If anyone has
more close contact with the right people there, please we need your help.

@Paul Norman: I've been making clear what guidelines we have to follow
for the import of this or another set. Specially that we have to
consult with the Nepal OSM community (already done, I guess), to write
a wiki, prepare the data, clear the license issues, tagging, and then
go to the imports list for last consultation. I have been doing this
for quite many imports now, and these new ones won't be an exception.
All of us want to have the best quality data in OSM.



On 09/05/15 03:35, Paul Norman wrote:
> On 5/4/2015 9:58 AM, Prabhas Pokharel wrote:
>> https://data.hdx.rwlabs.org/dataset/nepal-admin-level-4-administrative-boundaries-cod
and an older one from GADM <http://www.gadm.org/>, which has the
>> following license: Nepal NPL FortiusOne Inc. (via WorldBank; 
>> http://maps.worldbank.org/overlays/3238) (Creative Commons
>> Attribution 3.0 License.)
>> Would it be possible to help us import these boundaries into OSM?
>> If not, what are the issues that need to be solved for that to
>> happen?
> Consultation will need to be done. This includes the local
> community, such as it is, and the imports@ mailing list. The HOT
> list could also be consulted, but it is not a requirement. A couple
> of issues you'll want to consider are:
> - GADM is under a non-commercial license and non-open. It must not
> be imported into OpenStreetMap. You might have some success going
> to the original source of the data and getting it there under a
> suitable license. I do not suggest contacting GADM as this tends to
> not be very effective. - The data at data.hdx.rwlabs.org is not
> under an open license, or any clear license. You might have some
> success there - Administrative boundaries tend to be finicky to
> import, as they need to be connected up with existing boundaries
> and share ways - Both tagging and how existing data will be handled
> will need to be described
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