[HOT] [info-hotosm] Reference Project #1030 Nepal Earthquake

Springfield Harrison stellargps at gmail.com
Sun May 10 05:19:57 UTC 2015

OK, thanks Kevin.  So someone not paying attention to this level of 
detail might not actually know if they're using a Bing or DG 
image?  However, the word is to use Bing as the positional 
standard.  This sounds like a potential procedural problem.  Then in 
JOSM, if the layer list says Bing, then it is Bing?  Or do we use the 
copyright designation on the image itself?  Which might contradict 
the designation in the layer list.

                 Thanks, Cheers . . . . . . . . Spring

At 09-05-2015 07:30 Saturday, Kevin Bullock wrote:
> >>Does Digital Globe supply Bing images? Just curious, they are 
> always referred to as different products.
>Yes, Microsoft licenses DigitalGlobe imagery for many parts of the 
>world, you'll notice the attribution in the Bing Maps platform. In 
>various threads, I've seen Bing imagery "versus" DigitalGlobe 
>imagery, and that is usually a contradiction. The proper way of 
>characterizing it is: DigitalGlobe imagery through the Bing platform 
>versus DigitalGlobe imagery being made available during this crisis. 
>Cheers, Kevin
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